Transregio SFB-TR 84 “Innate Immunity of the Lung: Mechanisms of Pathogen Attack and Host Defence in Pneumonia“


Video Seminar Series 2011

20-Dec-11Prof. Dr. Eicke Latz
(Univers. Bonn)
Inflammasome activation in sterile inflammatory diseasesCharité BerlinJLU Gießen
06-Dec-11Prof. Dr. F. Tacke
(Univers.klin. Aachen)
Monocyte subsets in liver inflammation and fibrosisJLU GießenCharité Berlin
22-Nov-11PD Dr. H. Bernuth
(Charité Berlin)
Selective susceptibility for invasive pyogenic infectionsCharité BerlinJLU Gießen
08-Nov-11Prof. Dr. H. Mühl
(Univers. Frankfurt)
IL-22: a janus-faced cytokine at host/environment interfacesJLU GießenCharité Berlin
25-Oct-11Prof. Dr. S. Knapp
(Univers. Wien)
Pulmonary host defense against bacteria: impact of alveolar macrophagesCharité BerlinJLU Gießen
12-Jul-11Prof. M. Bauer
The lung as source and target in sepsisCharité BerlinJLU Gießen
28-Jun-11Prof. M. Bader
“Kinins: Friends or foes in cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases?”JLU GießenCharité Berlin
16-Jun-11PD Dr. H. BernuthSelektive Anfälligkeit für invasive bakterielle InfektionenCharité BerlinJLU Gießen
31-May-11Prof. S. Hammerschmidt
“Mechanisms of bacteria-host interactions in lung infections”JLU GießenCharité Berlin
17-May-11Dr. B. Maier (Charité Berlin)“Clocks in innate immunity”Charité BerlinJLU Gießen
03-May-11Prof. J. Harder (Kiel)“Human antimicrobial peptides: Effectors of innate immunity”JLU GießenCharité Berlin
19-Apr-11Dr. K. Hilpert (KIT, Karlsruhe)“Deciphering the requirements for antibacterial activity of short cationic peptides and their therapeutic potential”Charité BerlinJLU Gießen