Transregio SFB-TR 84 “Innate Immunity of the Lung: Mechanisms of Pathogen Attack and Host Defence in Pneumonia“



Coagulation factor XII - a  novel regulator of immune responses and barrier function in pneumonia (Wygrecka / Kübler / Hackstein)


Crosstalk between extrinsic blood coagulation factors and inflammatory mediators is well recognized in pneumonia, however, the role of factor XII (FXII), a central component of the intrinsic blood coagulation pathway, in infected lungs is largely unknown.

Here, we aim to fill this knowledge gap and to develop new therapeutic strategies based on these investigations. Specifically, we will characterize inflammatory responses driven by FXII in pneumonia and their independence from FXII activation and the classic contact phase system,  identify cell surface associated mediators,receptors of FXII-specific cellular functions and probe for the therapeutic potential of targeting FXII or its receptors in pneumonia.